On shells

Here there are some of the commands around (linux) shells that I keep needing and I keep forgetting. [Read More]
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Channelling inspiring leaders

I’ve been going over the exercises in the Aurora booklet, corresponding to the first day, “Identity, Impact and Voice”. These exercises are mostly focused on improving the impact you might have on others. Reflecting on the women that inspire me, and the techniques discussed during the first Aurora day, I’d... [Read More]
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The first Aurora day

I'm in charge

On Friday, I attended the first Aurora programme day: “Identity, Impact and Voice”. We were about 300 women and it seems that over 6000 have already taken this training! The event took place in the NEC, Birmingham, a huge and deserted place. The day was packed with talks and exercises,... [Read More]
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Aurora mentor and other inspiring women

Last week I met for the first time with my Aurora mentor, Caroline Wilkinson. It was very exciting to meet her where she works, a building dedicated to the arts, as in her work she combines Art and Science. [Read More]
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